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Felicia lost 28 pounds | Black Weight Loss Success

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Felicia lost 28 pounds. This mom of two escaped an abusive relationship and drug addiction. Since 2018, she has worked to create a healthy lifestyle by focusing on nutrition and making exercise part of her daily routine.

What was your motivation?
My reasoning for starting my journey was due to me being sick and tired of looking the way I looked and feeling the way I was feeling. I moved back to Miami in April 2017 to escape an abusive marriage and a drug-addicted lifestyle. Needless to say, I gained a ton of weight from “not caring.” 

I am 39 years old and a mother of two. What kept me motivated to stick to my journey was my kids. They had a rough transition from where we were to Miami. I couldn’t continue to let them think that the way I was living was healthy.  

What is your starting weight? What is your current weight?
My starting weight was 189 pounds, and my current weight is 161 pounds.

What is your height?

When did you start your journey?
Journey start date: 9/5/2018 My transformation took on many levels. I am currently still under construction. 

Felicia before and after

How did you change your eating habits?
My eating habits did a full 360-degree turnaround. I started with Herbalife Nutrition, and my regimen was a program and meal plan. I loved the products so much that I signed up as a distributor. The foods I eliminated from my diet were carbs, sugars, alcohol, and sweets. I mainly stuck to meat and veggies. 

What did you do in terms of exercise?
Fitness became part of my daily routine. I absolutely fell in love with working out. It brought me so much relief mentally and helped me to deal with stressors. I started out working out once a day. Then, I graduated to twice a day. Eventually, I became a personal trainer and health and wellness coach. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned from changing my lifestyle is that I learned to LOVE and APPRECIATE ME. 

What advice would you like to share with people who want to lose weight?
My advice to those who want to change their lifestyle: Don’t do it alone. Find an accountability group or partner who will help hold you accountable. Honestly, if you aren’t strong-willed and disciplined, you are setting yourself up for failure starting alone. 

Discipline, Dedication, and Consistency are what’s needed. Quitting is not an option. We all deserve to have the best in life. Putting your health first is the best decision you can ever make.  

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Felicia before and after

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