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Sensing Hardship? 3 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Experiencing Loneliness from Social Isolation

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These strategies are incredibly helpful for our overall well-being. You can offer these reminders to loved ones by asking questions. “Are you getting enough sleep?” “What does your daily routine look like?” “Have you been able to share these feelings with others who care about you?”

In addition, many employers are now playing an active role in supporting their employees’ mental health. HR should be able to provide additional information about your company’s health benefits, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and counseling services. Some companies also offer financial assistance if an employee is struggling and has barriers to seeking care.

For example, my company has a program called Blue Assist. The program was established to help employees experiencing an unexpected event that is beyond their control. This fund provides a way for employees to directly support fellow employees who are experiencing a financial hardship. And helping others is another great way to boost your mental health.

Check out these other strategies for coping with stress during a disease outbreak.

3. Propose additional care, if applicable.

You alone are not expected to solve the mental health challenges that your community members are facing. But, because of your proximity, you can serve as the “first line of defense.”

If you notice that someone you interact with is dealing with chronic stress, it may be useful to share resources about seeking further care. Right now, it is possible to access mental health counseling by phone and video. A directory of behavioral health specialists that offer telehealth options is available here.

In addition, our members can call the care management line on the back of their member cards.

Doctors recommend seeking professional mental health care if the symptoms of chronic stress interfere with someone’s life.

Remember, right now it normal to feel abnormal. We are each dealing with peculiar circumstances. This situation involves uncertainty, lack of control, social isolation, and a life-threatening illness. Seeking behavioral health care during this time is a helpful strategy for dealing with these challenges. And, it works.

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