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Field Day (From a Distance)

by Insuredwell
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Normally around this time of year we’d be heading to end of school picnics and field day. Last year we had a neighborhood potluck cookout with all the kids from our bus stop to celebrate the end of school. This year things are quite different. We have only seen our bus stop neighbors waving from the sidewalk or bike riding in the local church parking lot. The moms got together and brainstormed a way we could have a field day while following all of the social distancing and touch-free guidelines. (Two are doctors, so we had a good planning team!) We came up with a rotating backyard field day. One station per yard, BYO everything, touch free, adults wear masks, no food. Despite all the restrictions, it was so fun!

The boys wore their new matching swimming costumes in case they got a little wet. The rash guards are from Amazon and the striped bottoms are GAP! Both UPF 50.

Be still my heart!

Birch also now has a pair of Natives for summer. They are great!

Field day stations included:

  • Freeze dance
  • Water balloon toss (with sibling or parent – not other kids)
  • Obstacle course (our house!)
  • Water bucket fill challenge (BYO cup per child, no sharing)
  • Sack race (each child had their own sack)
  • Ping pong ball on the spoon carry (one labeled ball and spoon per child)

Here’s the balance beam portion of our course. There were also bases to run, cones to weave through, a trampoline to bounce off, and hurdles to jump over.

The kids had a great time, and the parents did too!

While we would have loved to share a big pot luck meal, that was obviously not an option, so we went to our respective houses and had separate cookouts while the kids yelled across the yards! Our fam had burgers on the grill and kale salad. Plus special ice cream treats!

Here’s to hoping next year’s field day will be back on school grounds.

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