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And speaking of Long Term Care

by Insuredwell
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Yesterday we discussed the value of information gathering and the Long Term Care insurance buying process:

While I certainly encourage my clients to be informed consumers, there’s a point where that becomes “information overload,” and one simply shuts down, unable to make an actual decision.”

That was really about product design (and budget, of course) before actually needing care.

But a key piece that did not, in fact come up, is the cost of the care itself. And of course, that information would be quite helpful in evaluating insurance solutions, no?

Well, our friends at Mutual of Omaha have updated their Cost of Care Calculator, and are once again making it available to the general public. With it, one can search for long-term care costs by state, and even see what those costs might look like five, ten, up to twenty years in the future. Wouldn’t that be nice to know?

The calculator is *here – I really encourage you to take it for a spin.

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