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Bald Head Island: The Wet Sand Edition

by Insuredwell
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Hi friends!!! I’m baaaaaack from Bald Head Island and I missed you all! It was nice to unplug and not have any posts to squeeze into our trip. How did I ever manage 3 posts a day while traveling?! Oh yeah – I didn’t have kids 🙂 This year we had FOUR kids in our house, and it was quite chaotic at times! We were so glad to be able to reconnect with the whole family after months apart. The cousins had lots of bonding time with each other and their grandparents. While this year was not a dream beach trip – there was lots of rain, a visit to the mainland for an ear infection, and a knife wound – we were so thankful to be able to go, especially since for a while we really thought the trip might be cancelled. I didn’t leave our beach house for seven days except to go to the beach. We skipped the pools and restaurants this year, although we did get takeout from the restaurants a few times.

Here is part I of my recap, which I’m calling “The Wet Sand Edition” because the first half of our trip was rainy and cloudy and the second half was all sun!

Bald Head Island: The First Four Days

Our week started with lots and lots of rain. You always have to assume there will be some summer storms, but we didn’t see the sun for 4 days straight. That said, we were so grateful to be out of our homes and together again that we really did make the best of it. The kids watched the new Lion King and Aladdin and played in the surf a few times when the rain paused. Birchie and I got soaked on a few beach walks!

The matching swim trunks I got the boys are on sale! And here’s my bun friendly hat 🙂

Playing in Wet Sand

We had a few breaks in the rain those first few days so we could get outside to play in the sand a bit.

We also had this big sand cliff right in front of our house that provided lots of entertainment for the big kids! Birchie loved to slide down it.

Birchie was such a joy to have out there this year now that he can walk and run! He was pretty scared of the ocean, but he loved playing outside. We set up a baby pool for him towards the end of the week too.

Misty Walks + Indoor Videos

I did some Popsugar videos for fitness and went for a few beach walks. Here’s the 25 pound kettlebell I carried on my back! The second we started out on our walk it started to rain. It wasn’t a long walk!

Inside we were warm and snuggly!

Beach Eats

Bagels + cream cheese we brought from Bodos!

No Bull Burgers with leftover green beans

(also from Cville)

Sandwiches + Chips

And gators…

Very Happy Happy Hours

This Dove Hunt Rosé from Scout + Cellar I brought was FAB and is one of the least expensive clean wines they have. I might order a case…

Scout and Cellar Dove Hunt Rose

Shrimp + Grits Takeout

And Family Taco Night

(Always a crowd pleaser!)

Our happy place since 2016

Tomorrow I’ll be back with sunshine and rainbows <3

Birchie’s pineapple shorts are on sale!

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