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Paleo Ginger Snap Cookies (or Gingerbread Cookies) — Oh Baby Nutrition

by Insuredwell
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I know that baking is a science. I know that you can’t just throw a bunch of ingredients together in a bowl and hope for the best. Especially when you’re working with alternative flours like coconut flour or almond flour. I really hate wasting food in the development process. That’s why I much prefer creating no-bake dessert recipes because even if the trial batches aren’t perfect, they’re usually always still edible. Although every once in a while I think… “What if I just threw in some of this, then some of that, and then baked it? I’m sure it’ll turn out great!”

I recently decided that it couldn’t possibly be that hard to reinvent a grain-free gingersnap cookie without refined sugar. However, the first batch I made was literally inedible. My son who will eat almost anything took a bite and promptly spat it right back out. Apparently blackstrap molasses is a powerful flavor and you can’t just wing it. But there was a shimmer of hope in that failed attempt and something motivated me to forge on. I’m so glad I did because these cookies… oh, these cookies are fantastic!! They took 4 batches to perfect, but the final result is moist and delightfully chewy with a wonderful balance of warming spices. They’re what paleo cookie dreams are made of. 

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