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5 Fruit-Forward Vegan Desserts – Sharon Palmer, The Plant Powered Dietitian

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This is the time of year to enjoy fruits in all their glory! While the best way to eat fruits—berries, stone fruits, citrus, tropical fruits, grapes, melons—is in their whole form, au naturel, you can also enjoy them in low-sugar, fruit-forward desserts, where they play a starring role. I’ve gathered together some of my favorite fruit-forward plant-based (vegan) desserts to inspire your love affair with fruits.

5 Fruit-Forward Vegan Desserts

Super Berry Soy Chia Pudding 

Chia is an ancient seed packed with nutrients, including omega-3s, fiber, and protein. Plus, it has the unique ability to create a gel consistency, thus simply stirring it into vanilla-flavored soymilk, with a drizzle of maple syrup for a bit of a sweet touch, can create the most delicious, nutrition pudding! Top it with fresh berries for a dessert that’s healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast.

Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Nothing spells comfort like the combination of spicy cinnamon and sweet apples! One of the healthiest, fruit-centric desserts you can whip up is a baked apple crumble, with a thick layer of juicy apples and a crunchy whole grain topping. Every delicious bite is packed with fiber and nutrients. 

Super Acai Berry Bowl 

Talk about a super-nutrient packed treat that’s healthy enough to eat for breakfast. Acai berries, ancient grains, berries and coconut come together in this easy, purple powerful bowl. Make them up in mason jars to take for a healthy meal on the run or post workout snack.

Pistachio Cherry Coconut Crisp 

Here’s a comfort food dessert recipe heavy on flavor, and light on calories. Calling upon the rich flavors of cherries, pistachios, coconut and oats, this recipe for Pistachio Cherry Coconut Crisp is sure to be a hit with the whole family!

Rustic White Peach Pecan Tart 

This simple fruit-forward Rustic White Peach Pecan Tart celebrates one of nature’s best fruits, stone fruit. White peaches are subtly sweet, and oh-so delicately colored a pale white-pink by nature. In this simple, serene dessert, the pastry is made of whole wheat fillo dough brushed with vegan margarine, creating layers of crisp, melt-in-your mouth golden pastry.

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