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COVID-19: Moderna files for U.S. European emergency Vaccine approval

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Moderna – along with other U.S. pharmaceuticals – filed for U.S. and European emergency regulatory approval of its highly successful vaccine that they hope to make available on a large scale, according to reports. The push for approval comes as epidemiologists raise concerns that the virus will surge this winter as more and more people travel throughout the holiday season.

According to reports, the trial data of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine will be examined by regulators. In Moderna’s clinical studies – which was released several months ago – the vaccine is 94% effective at protecting people from Covid-19.

Pfizer also has a highly successful vaccine and has applied for the same emergency approval.

From the BBC:

Moderna says it hopes to gain UK approval soon, now that it has trial data from 30,000 volunteers – including high risk groups like the elderly – that suggests it works. In those studies, 15,000 people received the real vaccine while the other participants got placebo injections. No serious side effects were reported.During the studies, 185 people in the placebo group fell ill with Covid-19, and some severely so. 

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