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How Will This Story End?

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In episode three of IBX: The Cover Story, I talk about COVID-19 variants and vaccines with my guests Dr. Reetika Kumar, Vice President of Strategic Clinical Solutions, Market Medical Executive at Independence Blue Cross; Lorina Marshall-Blake, Vice President of Community Affairs at Independence Blue Cross and President of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation; and Peter Hotz, President and CEO of vybe urgent care.

We also touch on the great work that is being done by vybe urgent care and Independence to bring COVID-19 education and vaccines to underserved communities. And we share how the COVID-19 vaccine has made a positive impact in our personal lives. If you live or work in Philadelphia, you can schedule your appointment at the LIVE location now.

Listen to our conversation here:

A full transcript of the episode is also available.

Episode 3 Show Notes

Below you will find some of our favorite quotes from the third episode, sources that were mentioned, and a segment breakdown. Thank you for listening!


“We now have enough evidence that shows the immunity you get from being vaccinated is much more effective than the immunity you get from having had the infection prior. And with the variants, we’re also seeing that the immunity from an old infection doesn’t really confer your immunity against the new variants because people are now getting infected again, whereas the vaccine immunity does.” ― Dr. Reetika Kumar

“We have a collaboration with the city of Philadelphia and the Public Health Department. They are maintaining lists by zip code of where the vaccination rates are high and where the vaccination rates are low. And so we are able to then look at specific targeted areas and bring this mobile unit into those areas.” ― Peter Hotz

“I know from my personal perspective, having been fully vaccinated, for the first time in over a year, my family and I got together at my cousin’s restaurant in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was such, I can’t explain it…a relief. It just felt like a source of normalcy for us. And it wasn’t me just saying that. It was my entire family.” ― Peter Panageas

“Again, I call it, ‘High touch.’ It’s almost like there is a fire. Some people look at the fire and say, ‘Oh, there’s a fire over there.’ When I look at my partners around the country and what they’re doing, they’re going into the fire. In other words, they’re going in to make a difference in the community.” ― Lorina Marshall-Blake

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