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The Blue Streaks share their motivation to run

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Like lots of parents with small kids, Jim Heckman’s busy life makes it hard to find time to exercise. Instead of accepting a growing waistline, depressed moods, and depleted energy, Jim joined another dad in his neighborhood for regular pre-dawn runs. The early starts were ideal; the kids were still asleep, and he could log a few miles before heading off to work.

Over time, other neighborhood dads with similar running routines joined, and the group grew to seven dads. Jim has logged more than 1,000 miles with the guys. Some of the dads even got Pelotons and took up swimming.

Three to four times a week, Jim and the group run three to five miles in the Springfield, Delaware County, neighborhood where they live. The conversation often centers on — what else — the kids. They also talk about the tricks of getting their kids to sleep at night or sneaking out in the morning without waking them up.

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